Who we are

SFSE – Services for Sustainable Energy is an EPC born out of SFRE Group’s idea to transform logistics parks into energy parks.
Our wide range of services encompasses the different stages that characterize the value chain, starting from the construction and maintenance phases, all the way to the subsequent stages of energy management and sales.
Logistics parks, designed with the highest respect for ESG criteria, are transformed into energy parks that house within them facilities for the production of energy from renewable sources and technologies aimed at maximizing energy efficiency, with a view to reducing waste and optimizing the use of available resources.
Our team of experts works closely with clients in order to understand their specific needs and succeed in meeting them with customized proposals and solutions.


Our mission is encapsulated in our desire to successfully transform logistics parks into energy parks by integrating advanced technologies and innovative and sustainable practices in order to maximize energy efficiency and promote the adoption of renewable sources. We are committed to reducing environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions, optimizing the use of available resources, and promoting environmental sustainability; all while providing lasting economic benefits to those who use our professionals and meeting net zero carbon goals.
Through constant research, fruitful collaboration with strategic partners, and a totally dedicated commitment to achieving excellence, we aim to be a benchmark in the industry, leading the transition to a more sustainable energy future for present and, more importantly, future generations.


Our vision is to transform the landscape of logistics parks so that they are finally seen as pillars on which energy sustainability rests, and not just centers devoted to handling and sorting goods. We strongly believe in a future in which logistics hubs become the pulsing centers for energy production from renewable sources and Green fuels such as hydrogen through the integration of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices.

Our energy parks become examples of ESG excellence and drivers of positive change moving toward a circular and sustainable economy. SFSE intends to be a leader in the field, leading this ambitious transformation: we want to create an ecosystem in which energy efficiency, responsible use of resources, and power and fuel production from renewable sources integrate harmoniously to meet present needs without compromising resources for future generations.

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